Huw James

“Huw James is a Welsh Scientist, Adventurer and Film Maker. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical and Royal Astronomical Societies and creates educational films and talks under his organisation Anturus. Huw has been delivering live science shows for over 15 years. His audiences are over 1 million people on 6 continents and over 2 million on TV and YouTube. His background in Astronomy and Geology has pushed him to explore the world on a variety of expeditions all for science. His mission going forward is to inform a new generation of custodians for our natural world and everything that lives in it by tackling the big 3 problems of pollution, climate change and wildlife extinction. He now teaches filmmaking for organisations worldwide including National Geographic and teaches climate literacy for a number of outdoor companies including Rab, The North Face and more. ”


Workshop “Universally Speaking”

Talk “Up in the Air – Using Drones to Illuminate the Secrets of Science”

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