2023 edition


After a 100% digital edition in 2021, in which ObservaRia took the natural world to the public’s screens, this edition is returning to the beautiful landscapes of the Aveiro Lagoon and the Low Vouga area.

Similarly to previous years, ObservaRia presents a rich and diverse programme of activities such as talks and lectures, workshops, exhibitions, field activities and much more, developed by a panel of guests of excellence!

With the main goal of promoting Estarreja’s territory and natural values, but with a watchful eye on the country’s and world’s natural patrimony, ObservaRia explores different themes such as Environmental Education and Science Communication, Nature Photography and Video, Nature Tourism and Birdwatching, among others.

Estarreja, BioRia and the Low Vouga

The territory of Estarreja comprised on the Low Vouga area, owns a quite heterogeneous and fragmented landscape, harmonizing environments with strong human influence with natural habitats. Agricultural fields, pastures and rice fields share borders with the spontaneous vegetation typical from wetlands. The marshlands, reed beds and rushes are important habitats for wildlife, and essential for their support regarding food and shelter. Contrasting with these open environments, woodland habitats such as riparian galleries (typical vegetation from the margins of rivers) and the unique Bocage. Rare, and created by human ingenuity, Bocage is a true patchwork composed by small crop fields and pastures, surrounded by live fences of native trees and shrubs, and by freshwater ditches.

In this mixture of environments there is space for Nature, for agriculture and livestock, as well as for tourism and leisure, persisting a delicate balance in which Man and Biodiversity coexist. It was here that BioRia was born, a project from the Municipality of Estarreja that, through a network of foot and cycle paths, allows its visitors to explore the region and its natural values, enhancing and interconnecting Nature Tourism, Environmental Education and Biodiversity Conservation.  

ObservaRia is the perfect excuse to visit the area. Participate, and come visit us!


Programme ObservaRia 2023

ESTARREJA Birdwatching fair ObservaRia


Researchers, Photographers, Videographers, Biologists, Writers, and much more!

Speakers and other guests

ObservaRia Locations

How to get here

By car: A29 (exit Estarreja or Estarreja Sul) | A1 (Estarreja) | A25 (Salreu) | N109
By train: Comboios Urbanos do Porto (Porto Urban Trains),  Linha de Aveiro (Aveiro Line) – Train Stops of Estarreja or Salreu

Street Food

Do you want to take part in workshops or field activities and don’t know where to eat? Don’t worry! Next to the Environment Interpretation Centre in Salreu, we have a small food court in which you can make your meals or stop for a snack if you are feeling hungry! You may choose from savory, vegetarian and/or sweet options.

Accommodation and food in Estarreja

What to visit

Casa Museu Egas Moniz – House-Museum for the only portuguese Nobel Prize Winner

Intimately related to the figure of Egas Moniz, that in 1949 received the award in the field of Medicine, the House-Museum has works authored by D. Carlos de Bragança, Silva Porto, Malhoa, Carlos Reis, Henrique Medina, Falcão Trigoso, Júlio Pomar, Abel Salazar, among others, different collections of furniture, ceramics, jewellery, glass, textiles, sculpture and engraving, as well as his notable personal library, all available to be enjoyed by the visitors.

Come by train! The House-Museum is a short 10 min walk from the Avanca train station.

The visit does not require booking, but the schedule should be respected.

+Inf.: casamuseuegasmoniz.com

Email: museuegasmoniz@cm-estarreja.pt

Contacts: 234 884 518 | 967 128 579

Address: Rua Prof. Doutor Egas Moniz, 3860-078 Avanca

House Marieta Solheiro Madureira – A “hymn to love”!

Building conceived in the end the 40’s for the residence of the Madureira couple. It harbours a collection of paintings, religious art, furniture, ceramics, silverware and other objects, standing out works from Rivera, Diogo Teixeira, Gregório Lopes, Didacus Calvert, Josefa de Óbidos, Carlos Reis, Martinez Rúbio and José de Guimarães, among others.

If you want to book a guided tour, do so at least 48h in advance, to info@fundacaomadureira.com.

+Inf.: www.fundacaomadureira.com 

Contact: 234 842 241

Address: R. Prof. Dr. Egas Moniz 300, 3860-387 Estarreja



Organization: +351 964 761 445 (national mobile network call)

Environmental Interpretation Centre [BioRia]: +351 962 774 466 (national landline network call)

Estarreja Town Hall (Câmara Municipal de Estarreja)

Praça Francisco Barbosa 3864-001 – Estarreja

+351 234 840 600 (national landline network call)

www.cm-estarreja.pt | facebook @estarrejamunicipio