Terje Kolaas

Terje Kolaas

Born in 1978, Terje has been a birder since the age of 12 and a bird photographer since the age of 13. On the past few years, most of his time in the field has been spent doing bird photography rather than birding, and artistic photography rather than documentaric. Terje wants his photos to be clean and well balanced, and just as much into the estetics, emotions, atmosphere and composition of a photo as into technical perfection. Besides photographing birds, sound recording birds and watching birds, teaching bird identification at Nord university (www.birdid.no) and working for the norwegian nature inspectorate (SNO) also take his time. He runs the birding tour company “Northern Birding”, helping birders and photographers from all over the world to find birds in Norway. In 2011, in cooperation with Christian Tiller, he wrote and published his first book “Flyktige motiver – kunsten å fotografere fugler [The bird photographers A-B-C ]”” (available only in norwegian). Since then he has illustrated several other bird books and contributed with pictures to many others. In addition to travelling back and forth in Norway, Terje has visited more than 50 countries and all continents including Antarctica searching for birds and wildlife to photograph.


Talk “Bird photography in Mid-Norway through the year” (com tradução)

Workshop “Creative bird photography”

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