Phoebe Smith

Phoebe Smith

Phoebe Smith is a British Adventurer, Conservationist, Writer, Photographer and Broadcaster. She is the creator of the Wander Woman travel podcast and co-founder of the #WeTwo Foundation, an organization that takes disadvantaged youth on carbon-negative, impactful and transformative expeditions. She is an extreme-sleeper, seeking out the wildest destinations for the strangest and most incredible places to spend the night, having slept on the highest mountain peaks in England, Wales and Scotland. She is the author of 10 books on adventure and nature travel, was the editor of Wanderlust Travel Magazine, and has regularly contributed to various publications such as The Telegraph, The Times (London), The Guardian, among others. Throughout her career she has received several awards, including Sustainability Writer of the Year 2021, Broadcast Program of the Year 2021, and Travel Blogger of the Year 2020.


Talk “Wild(life) sleeping and swimming”

Workshop “Making people care the write way… Nature, travel and conservation writing workshop”

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